Why I do what i do



With two ever growing daughters of my own I know how fast life goes by. One moment they’re tiny little bundles snuggled up in your arms and the next moment they’re stealing your shoes and your favourite jacket. Don’t expect to get them back either, like ever. Kiss them goodbye girlfriend. Sayonara embroidered jacket.

Photos have always been one of my most precious possessions. I have a zillion photo books on our coffee table and the pages are starting to get tatty and torn from being loved so much. But that's ok, photos are meant to be enjoyed. That's why I do what I do. Photos are my obsession.

You know how much you love having photos of your kids? Well guess what, they love having photos of you too! They want to remember those moments just as much as you do. They love to see us laugh and dance and they especially love to have kisses and cuddles even though they tell us they don't. It's time to disconnect from our digital lives and spend a real moment with our families, even if only for one afternoon.

Photos help us remember milestones in our lives we might otherwise forget ever happened. Let's remember those gappy smiles from missing teeth and those sloppy baby kisses that you might one day wish you could get back. Time goes by faster than we realise and without photos a lot of moments are lost.

I love that I am able to give your family beautiful memories to cherish forever. 

Let's go out, get some fresh air, have some cuddles and create some amazing memories together.